Recent Proceedings

Strategic Planning in Small and Medium Enterprises: An Action Research Case Study focusing International Expansion

Y Raheel, M A Shahzad, R Ahmed


This research is based on a case study of an SME planning to expand internationally and focuses on various important aspects of strategic planning. It helps formulate an effective strategic plan to drive a smooth and profitable international expansion. This research utilizes different qualitative and quantitative approaches as methodology. The findings of this research are not only beneficial for the concerned organization but also for other SMEs interested in international expansion. This paper provides a much needed insight into the operations of small and medium enterprises. It also highlights critical challenges an organization must be prepared to face during expansion. Internal organizational analysis focusing on issues such as product range, procurement, capital requirements and logistics while external analysis focusing on environment analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis and advertisement strategy has been conducted.


Impact of Leadership Style of Academic Administrators on Institutional Performance: A South Asian State University Case Study

M A Khalil, Y Raheel


Existing research has focused on impact of leadership styles adopted by the academic administrators of the universities on factors such as faculty or student satisfaction.  These factors although have an indirect impact on the institutional performance in a state university system of developing countries, there is a growing need to study the correlation between leadership styles and institutional performance through quantitative indicators. 
Lack of performance regulatory mechanisms in higher education system in developing countries result in difficulties in performance evaluation based on standard performance indicators utilized for this purpose in developed countries. Based on the analysis of literature pertaining to evaluation of institutional performance, this paper identifies ever so important quantitative indicators for performance evaluation of the state universities in South Asia. 
Identifying the leadership style adopted by the academic administrators has always been an area of interest for the researchers as it affects institutions in different aspects. This paper identifies the leadership style of 4 academic administrators of the state university under discussion who have served the organisation in this role during the past 12 years though a survey using Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. After identifying the leadership styles of the administrators and selecting the quantitative parameters for performance evaluation, a correlation between the leadership style and institutional performance is investigated. This paper also provides a comparison of the performance of academic administrators with varying leadership styles on selected performance indicators.  


Leadership Styles and their Impact on Faculty Job Satisfaction: Case Study of a Public Sector University in South Asia

Yousaf Raheel, Muhammad Arshad Khalil, Mohammad Amer Shahzad


Research to-date has focused mainly on the impact of leadership styles of academic administrators of primary and secondary education institutions on faculty job satisfaction. There was however a growing need to investigate the correlation between leadership styles of academic administrators of higher education institutions i.e. universities particularly the public sector universities in South Asia on job satisfaction of faculty.
Through use of Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, this paper identifies the leadership styles of several academic administrators of the public sector university in question who have served on this role during past 12 years. An assessment of faculty job satisfaction was performed through Job Satisfaction Survey whereas a correlation between various styles of leadership adopted by the academic administrators of the university in question and their impact on faculty job satisfaction has been studied.



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